Saturday, February 04, 2006

Dipping my toe in the water

Well here I am with a blog.

I knew it would happen eventually once I stumbled across when reading a rather old copy of Wired at the library where I'm currently working. I'd been looking for a new homepage to replace eBay in my new life as a frugal person and it seemed just perfect and entrancing.

So did most of the other blogs she had links to. I got addicted to checking them all several times a day and quite bummed out wondering how they all had such perfect lives. Luckily I was set straight by two photos in
little birds and felt much better.

Inspired by the many pictures of these strangers' comings and goings I found myself taking more photos of my everyday life and set up two Kodak gallery albums as a sort of quasi blog - one on things I'd made this year and the other called "My monochromatic (frugal) life.

But as with most addictions that didn't keep me satisfied for very long. So here I am. Learning another new skill in 2006.


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Princess B of Libreria said...

A - is now aware that for people to leave comments one must join up - which i have now done and might not make any sense as i have not had my morning coffee!!!! COFFEEEE! It is less than 13 weeks for A and 13 weeks and 2 days for me - before we head O/S for A's Birthday Trup! Much planning is suppose to happen today - i think we need to leave the bubbles in the fridge whilst we do this planning or we may end up stayting at the YMCA rather than the YWCA!! he hee he! coffee is brewing must drink it p- Priness B!