Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

Well here I go in the deep end with a Self Portrait Tuesday entry in my very first week. Pretty typical, really.

In case you don't know about Self Portrait Tuesday I added a link to my side bar for you to follow (was very proud of that feat at 6am, let me tell you).

February's theme is All of Me ("embrace your mistakes, love the ugly bits. I want this to be a challenging month - we have had it easy over christmas and the holidays but now it is time to look deep inside ourselves and embrace and face our whole selves. I don't want to see any perfect images, any pretty studio like images, no perfect hair or makeup, get rid of the masks you use to face the world.")

And I think the following photo pretty much sums up the theme:

I wouldn't be here without these two people. And this is a typically mad family shot. Note the twirly finger action happening. Note the typical pontificating father pose (all that's missing is a speech bubble with "May I suggest?"). And Mum, as usual, copes stoicly with it all.
Thanks guys!

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