Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Happy little vegemite*

Sometimes it's the little things in life which make a day particularly satisfying. I slept very well last night and since His Highness the Most Furry Nibbs was outside I wasn't constantly woken by his licking my arm at random intervals through the night.

Target has a manchester sale but I was strong and instead headed to Cash 'em in CDs at lunchtime to see what was new and interesting. I came away with 5 CDs for a total of $10 including Algorhythm 1 and Algorhythm 2 which I was particularly chuffed about.

In the afternoon I went to a very interesting presentation on "Emerging technologies: Blogs, wikis, RSS, Flickr" which got me all excited and buzzing with ideas and then to cap a great day off a friend and I went for dinner at APK (mainly because I was having cravings for their alcoholic ginger beer. Which had to be drunk with their smoked salmon and brie pizza. Of course)

On a random note, if you're taking pictures of Australia and belong to Flickr you might like to get involved with the National Library of Australia Picture Australia initiative. You could be responsible for recording your Australia for posterity. Interesting thought...

And on a second random note (more of a rant really) I get sick to death of headlines like this (in this morning's Australian) I can prove everyone in Canberra didn't know of kickbacks because I for one didn't. I checked with various workmates and they didn't know either. Oh! Maybe the writer thinks that Canberra starts and ends at Capital Circle because that's all they saw when they were on their Year 6 trip here? Meoooooow!

What are you talking about?)

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