Sunday, March 19, 2006

Domestics, drama and dawdling

Today was my favorite sort of Sunday - it started off quiet and overcast. The sort of day where you feel that you have every right to throw any grandiose plans (ie: go to gym, attend 6:15 am launching of hot air balloons for Circus of the Air) out the window and spend it pottering instead.

In the morning I did some baking:They don't look much like I planned but they still taste damned good which is the important part. Ginger cakes with ginger icing (and if that wasn't enough in the ginger department) dark chocolate coated ginger delight on the top. Next time I'll make double quantity of the ginger icing to get that properly covered look.

Then, as MR was coming for lunch I did some more baking. And soup making:(home made tomato soup with feta, spinach and olive muffins. Yuuum!)

Then we headed off to the National Museum to see The Dora Fay Davenport Show: how to achieve domestic bliss ("This lifestyle show is set in a television studio in 1957, the year after television was introduced in Australia. The Dora Fay Davenport Show: How to Achieve Domestic Bliss is presented by Dora Fay Davenport, a fictitious celebrity") which has to have been the best $5 I have spent in a good long while.

And I was very happy to see Nigel Sutton involved as I've been a fan of his since I did my first Krispin K tour of the Powerhouse Museum during design week. Speaking of The Powerhouse - the show is heading that way next month so go see it if you get the chance.


Afterwards I dragged poor MR off to experience K Space without telling her a thing about it. Luckily she had fun and is still talking to me...

Into town for last minute shoe hunting for MR then coffee. And on the way back to the car we passed an old friend who obviously has other admirers...

(Soundtrack: Bluespeak, Dark Blue)

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Anonymous said...

wow just looking at the NMA web site and look who had a link! cheers Princess B