Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Package arrived, mysteries revealed...

Chrissie from The Grace Space left a note today to say my swap parcel had arrived safely so I can now unveil the Swap Mysteries (and all the other goodies I sent her)

In her swap questionnaire Chrissie said she liked purples, yellows, lime green, & turquoise. She had just started collecting softies, loved and collected mermaids, birds, peacocks already. She enjoys quilting, loves chocolate and is about to have a baby girl to join her two sons.(Top to bottom left(ish) to right(ish):
  1. 3 second-hand pillowcases to use for patchwork plus 1 metre of pink, lime green and yellow denim (might make a cute baby overall or carry bag?)
  2. (Swap Mystery number 5) 2 Wiggles colouring books, 1 each (so no fighting!)
  3. Australian children's book: No mermaids here
  4. Vintage 1950s flamingo picture
  5. Second-hand pink scarf with green and blue stripes
  6. (Swap Mystery number 3) Second-hand pop up book: The secret mermaid handbook
  7. (Swap Mystery number 2) Pre loved bunny softie who followed me home one day - he declared, since he was a Canberra bunny, his name was Walter. Walter Bunny Griffin.
  8. Multi pack of Caramello chocolate koalas. To eat in the bath. (Not second-hand, you'll be pleased to hear!)
  9. Ditto bag of salt & vinegar chips. Pink. Also to eat in the bath
  10. Second-hand Rock Australia compilation CD
  11. (Swap Mystery number 1) Thrifted pink vase
  12. Baby sized mermaid pyjamas
  13. Two small vintage notebooks
  14. (Swap Mystery number 6) Second-hand limited edition Arnotts 125 anniversary Ken Done biscuit tin with parrot on the top
  15. Sheet of Australia stickers
  16. Vintage lime green and pink bird playing swap card
  17. (Swap Mystery number 4) Second-hand round tin and cork coaster set
  18. Second-hand pink cord backpack bag with appliqued cat.


Pink Rocket said...

ooh ooh ooh!! look at all those goodies! i don't even think my swap partner has sen anytihng yet! :(

Sew-Thrifty! said...

Great selections, Sherp!

Anonymous said...

yes i have read your blog for the last couple of days so the guilt has abaited! for a while anyway! looking forward to seeing chocolate flourless cupcakes with reaspberries!!! Princess of Libraria