Monday, March 06, 2006

Like a kid on Christmas Eve...

I was running late this morning. Standing in the shower I suddenly knew that when I went to the post office my Vintage Vixen Swap parcel would be waiting for me. Sod's Law, really.

So over I trotted (after drying and dressing, in case you're worried) and there it was. So at 8:25am I am standing at the post office with a big and very very interesting looking parcel. Which I have exactly 13 minutes to get home, do what I can with and get across to catch the bus to work.

I did manage to unpack the myriad of intriguing gifties from the box. And quickly take a peek at one of them before I had to dash out the door and off to work. (Yay! Wool! Damn shame that delicious white and black wool is machine washable otherwise I would have had to stop with the stripy jumper and make me a felted bag with it...)
At work my good fortune for the day continued when my colleague turned up with the toaster oven she'd promised me so I could try out some Shrinky Dink stuff. I check the calendar to make sure it hasn't suddenly turned into May 24th or December 25th and declare I have a ranging headache and must go home IMMEDIATELY. Which of course doesn't work as they know I just want to head off and play with my new toys.

(Did I happen to mention I'm not a patient person AT ALL?)

Finally, excrutatingly slowly, 4:50pm comes around and I'm off and out the door to the earlier bus at supersonic speed. To a frenzy of giftwrap ripping (I did plan to open slowly and save the paper. But I'm sure there is still heaps I can recycle into my card making supplies....)

Anyway, without further ado:

1. Beautiful beautiful glass platter and matching square plate with spirograph patterns on. Perfect for serving up snacks on Craft Catch Up night. Two great black and white tea towels to add to my collection (I don't have any from The US yet!) And a sweet little white bowl which I think might be milkglass and is crying out to have flowers in it.

2. Yummy stuff to play with - fluffy black yarn and lovely nubbly black and white yarn. Information on how to knit with circular needles and some lovely bamboo ones to practice on (I'm sure they'll work out much better than the 20 cent plastic ones I bought from Vinnies). And some beautiful monochromatic stitch markers so I don't get horribly confused going round and round and round. (SHAMELESS PLUG: Pink Rocket made these herself so if you love mine, wander over to her shop and buy a set. Quickly, before I talk to her about the ridiculously low prices she is charging!)3. ARGH!!!! Colour! But since the cards are so cool, I'll cope quite nicely. The large groovy blue a is a magnet. And the little muppet-like fellow is a magnetic pen or pencil holder (you shove it in his mouth) and I adore him!

Thank you Pink Rocket for sending such an exciting package of spot-on goodies. And thank you Elizabeth for coming up with such a brilliant idea.

(Soundtrack: Nathan Haines, Shift Left)


Shanna said...

YEAH!!! I hope nothing broke!! I'm so glad you like eveything!!

The white "pot" is a sort of milk glass, but more like a Hoosier glass.

Shanna said...

oh yeah, crazy aunt purl just did a little tutorial on knitting in the round too! ( Her Feb. 24th post

Rachel said...

I just bought myself the little pencil guy last week.