Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I got mail!

Isn't amazing how quickly your day can improve once you see what's in your post box?

This is what I found this morning (along with the latest issue of Cruise Passenger magazine but that's a different story): Kristin over at thrift shop project showed this book on her blog with the fateful words "Cute book, great concept, but I could have happily lived without it." So I took her at her word (cheeky tart that I am) and before I knew what was happening a swap was arranged. Aero Mint bars for the book. Done!

But when I opened the package there was more than just the book. Wonderful Kristin had included a map of New York City and one of Philadelphia which will both get a lot of use while I'm away. Plus some funky black and white "telephone dial" magnets which make me want to leap into the car, drive 3 and a half hours to IKEA and buy a metal notice board to use them on.

Except I'm saving for my trip, right? So no trips to Sydney. *sniffle* No visits to IKEA. *sob*. Maybe I could get clever and use a baking tray instead and go for the Pure Style look?

Anyway. I digress. The reason I was after the book is because of the furniture Sloane uses: Petite Princess 3/4 inch scale sofa, arm chair and footstool. (Hey, Thrifty - reckon this is what we'd look like if we got together?)

Concord Miniatures 1/12th inch scale diner counter and stools (I have the same ones in the scooter shop/ cafe that I've had half made for years)
And this is the very same model Brio house as the one I'll be picking up in Philadelphia from Nancy who has been kind enough to store it for me for far too long. Hopefully mine won't have squatters in it...

(Soundtrack: New York: The city in song)


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I read far too many magazines so end up discovering too many cool things!

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Kristin said...

'Wonderful Kristin' is an excellent name and I must be referred to as that, by all people, immediately.

So happy you loved the things and got them so quickly! I'm waiting for the post as we speak.