Saturday, March 11, 2006

Maybe a tad too organised?

Here's what I spent Friday night doing (apart from drinking wine, writing my blog and burning my old pictures to CD so my computer isn't so congested).

Yep, it's a spreadsheet of all the op shops in and around Canberra and when I last visited them. I discovered a few I didn't know about so I think my quest for today will be to visit the new ones. After I've picked up my beater from the repair shop.

I dropped it off yesterday morning and the chap behind the counter said "Oh, yes, I see what you mean. Our repairman is on holidays til Monday so we'll get onto it next week". Then I told him the (long) sad story of the ongoing quest for cupcakes and he decided he might be able to have a look at it before Monday. And yesterday afternoon I got a call ordering a delivery of cupcakes as the beater was fixed. Guess I'll be making two batches of them over the weekend, then...

Almost forgot - bottom right hand corner of the picture is a wee experiment with the Homespun yarn Pink Rocket sent me, the flower pattern and much larger needles. I like. A lot! Hoping to find a very cheap brooch in my travels today so I can cannibalise it for the backing and attach it to this - although maybe a safety pin would do the trick?

(Soundtrack: Men without Hats, Folk of the 80s (Part III))


Pink Rocket said...

a speadsheet? really?? wow! you're like a thriftin' goddess!! i bow down beofre you and kiss your feet! lol

total bust today, just found a little side table.

package will be there in about a week!!

Sew-Thrifty! said...

I wanna shop Canberra!! Look at all the shops! WHEEE! Maybe I will start taking pics of my fav shops here and posting on blog...that would be hilarious!
Nice flower! Cool!

Jen Leheny said...

I live in Canberra too and have just found your blog and enjoying reading it. I don't suppose you would like to share your spreadsheet? :) Jen

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hi Jen

I'm happy to share but you need to wait until I've done some major updating based on some more places I found out about today.

There's one condition though - you have to promise to never buy anything that was meant for me.

Deal? ;-)