Friday, April 14, 2006

Another Finished Object

I don't think I can really call this a Use What You Have Month Finished Object as it was started last month. No matter, a Finished Object is a Finished Object and what a fine one this is especially as it was made with leftovers.


Pink Rocket said...

how ya feeling?

you'll look fancy smancy it the scarf and sweater! whoo hoo! too bad you won't be able to show them off while you're in the states! you'd die of heat stroke!

Taphophile said...

Nah, it definitely counts as it was finished in April and with leftovers. More power to you. :)
Taphophile posting from Sydney where it's too hot for any clothes, let alone scarves.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Still feeling like I've been hit by a road train. Luckily it's Easter, hey?