Monday, April 17, 2006

Getting carried away... (UWYHM project #6 completed)

OK I think it's time to find a large glass of wine and collapse. Which means, in true Sod's Law fashion that everyone I know will decide tonight is the perfect night to come over for Craft Catch-Up.

This is one of those pieces I keep staring at and thinking "I made that? Without a pattern?!" I might just have to take it to work tomorrow and look ever so smug.

You can just see in the picture above that the lining is black and white striped to match the handles (which were the very last thing I bought before the April lockdown began). Here's a closer look:"So how did it all happen?" I hear you ask (well I don't but I'm going to tell you anyway) I had the handles downstairs on the dining room table from when I unpacked them and also had the two lots of black fabric I bought
here which I had washed and ironed and hadn't quite made it upstairs.

So I brought them both upstairs and was idly staring at them thinking "bag.... bag.... what kind of bag can I make with these?" and I suddenly remembered a cool skirt someone at work had worn a while back with contrast stitching on it and large circles. And a gingham dress and petticoat set my Mum had made me when I was about 6 which had white bias binding stems with guprie daisies.

I cracked open the button collection and had a play. And a ponder. I remembered some black and white stripy fabric I've had for almost 10 years (I think it was going to become PJ pants once upon a time) and that was that. The only change I made was that the original red button was too small so I had to go and dig for another to replace it:The size of the bag is based on how big the piece of drill was when it was folded. Easy peasy. The red in this picture is felt - I wanted a red inside pocket to pick up the red of the flower on the front but remembered I'd pre washed the other fabrics which brought on mental images of washing the bag, the felt running everywhere and ruining it. Since I had no other red fabric the pocket idea went out the window.

(Soundtrack: Sisters of Mercy, Floodland)


Pink Rocket said...

the bag is gorgeous and so is the needle case!!

Feathers said...

You did a beautiful job on the bag, I love it - cool handles too!

Anonymous said...

Amazing bag, you have great design sense!
A-L sis :)