Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday "Frugal and Free" File

1. Frugal. Remember that video we rented on Saturday? I forgot to mention I had a coupon which brought the hire down from $6 TO $2.95. Or under $1.50 per person watching. Excellent!

2. Free. Lovely goodies from Canada including rooly trooly maple syrup. I've always been fascinated by Canada since I was at primary school where we seemed to do a project on the place every year. Mainly, I suspect, because the Canadian embassy in NZ gave out such great free stuff if you wrote to them and asked for information for your project...
3. Free. I finally used up my coffee card at Loui after 6 months of working close enough to make the trek to get my occasional coffee treat from him. Here's my free cup of coffee and a (rather bad) picture of my favorite barista:


mama_tulip said...

Oh, what a cute little Mountie ornament! I love it!

And Canada is awesome; you should come sometime.

elizabeth said...

love frugals and freebies!

that maple syrup looks yummy!