Saturday, April 01, 2006

A pinch and a punch...

Presenting the result of March's Self Portrait Tuesday theme. 31 pictures of me - the equivalent of one per day. All taken within 5 minutes of 7 o'clock.

Am I happy to no longer have to shove a camera in my face twice a day? (Do I need to answer that question?!)

And no sooner do I catch my breath from that I'm straight into Use what you have month. Sheesh!

Did I realise when I signed up that this would mean no frugalling for a whole month? Hell no!

Is this a good way to save money? Errr.... now you mention it.....

So what did I do with all this extra time I had today since I wasn't out and about ratting through various op shops?

First I cleaned up the study, including my noticeboard,

sorted out my buttons (I can't help it - it's the Librarian in me!) Cooked a spot of lunch (lentil, spinach and coriander soup and quick Mediterranean flat bread, if you're interested) Then I did the end of month accounts (won't bore you with a picture of that, or of the house cleaning) before starting a new project...

...and deciding that maybe I should have used a pattern for the Jumper Based on a True Pattern after all!

(Soundtrack: Once in a lifetime, 20 classic New Wave hits)


Anonymous said...

wow that soup looks great !

Sew-Thrifty! said...

COOOOOL! DId you make that little sweater...??? IF so, pattern please??? And LOVED the button sort! I am going to look around for a tray with compartments to sort mine too - it will make it easier to find them. But HOW CAN YOU not frugal for a month???? NOOOO WAY could I do going to go today, so I will frugal for you, ok?
PS - Tiggs is such a SNUGGLER!!!

mama_tulip said...

I love the SPT collage!! Very cool.

Taphophile said...

Button sorting is an occupational hazard. One of my favourite toys as a child was Mum's button jar. First they'd get sorted by colour, then resorted by number of holes (shanks in a separate classification), then resorted by material used or sometimes sorted largely by colour, then by everything else - my career was predestined.

I seem to recognise the Tupperware storage container, too. I use one for beads.

Be strong, much frugalling can occur in May.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Sew Thrifty: There wasn't a pattern as such but I just found out the drawings I used - so pattern on the way. Soon!

And, yep, no frugalling. *sniffle*

taphophile: Close but no banana on the button container - it is actually the daisy you see next to the notice board - originally sold in Big W as a paint palette. Of course you've now give me an excellent ide for when I can buy stash again and get too many buttons for the small daisy. Thanks!

Even more fun than sorting buttons when I was a kid was detangling the embroidery cottons. I also used to play Libraries and force my friends to borrow my books...

Yay for frugalling in May! Double Yay for frugalling in May in the USA!!