Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sort of Second Hand Saturday

Why "Sort of"? Because I did go to two new op shops (Hand to Hand and Salvos at Kippax) but didn't buy anything. Both were fairly small (Hand to Hand rates up there with the Brain Injury Foundation as smallest op shop I've seen) and since I had Princess B of Libraria in town I wasn't really doing the usual Saturday morning op shop crawl.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. We bounced out of bed this morning in remarkably good form for people that had three cocktails and a glass of wine each last night and headed off for breakfast at
Podfood in Pialligo. Which was lovely (and so was breakfast - but of course I forgot to take my camera so was cursing myself).

And since we were just up the road we popped into have a look round
Bison for a present for Princess B's sister (Princess M of Pharmacopia). Much drooling went on but unfortunately no buying.

Next stop in the royal visit to the ACT was Kippax where I checked out the two op shops. I also made my first purchase of the day, and very frugal it was too. A new compost bucket for $2:My existing one is 6 years old and the lid is starting to fall apart so I can justify a replacement. Besides, it's black and will hide the dirt so much better than my old white one.

Now what do two off-duty Librarians do on their days off? Visit a library, of course! Kippax has a new branch which I've not managed to visit yet. And boy, was it worth it. They had a plethora of lovely books which begged to come with me:And in the spirit of visiting new places we also went out to the new Gunghalin Mall extension to visit Big W where presents were finally bought for Princes M (and I got to use my first self service checkout which was very weird) and I found another bargain:A three CD set for under $15. Although I'm thinking they left of a "C" and a question mark as it really should be titled "Call that punk?" Princess B and I were looking at each other with raised eyebrows and quizzical looks on a number of occasions during the playing of it when we got home.

The Pogues: punk?! The Smiths: punk?! We don't think so but we like the tracks so ignored the dodgy definitions. We wonder, though, if we wanted to buy a collection of Ska music would it be titled "All that country"?

(Soundtrack: All that punk)

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