Monday, April 17, 2006

The Universe is taunting me...

OK this is starting to get a bit weird (cue the creepy music).

Not only is Erasure playing in New York while I'm just up the road in Philadelphia (and I'd already decided getting to see them was just going to be too difficult) but in my random Sunday evening wandering of the net I discover that Depeche Bloody Mode are playing Atlantic City the day before I get there. Sheesh!

And while I'm having a moan-fest (just a little one, promise!) here's a list of stuff I wish I could run out and buy:

* Tailor's chalk (you know, the sort that looks like a pencil)
* Black pom pom edging (don't know why, I just feel my life would be more complete if I had some)
* Non iron-on interfacing (it would seem iron-on just doesn't cut it when making bags. Or so I believe from what I'm reading...)
* Black bias binding. (Who knew bias binding isn't all the same? I bought a packet months ago from
Hot Dollar and have only just opened it and it doesn't work quite like bias binding I know. I think I need to have a chat to the Craft Guru T at work tomorrow and get elucidation. Or give up on the pre packaged stuff and try to eke out some floral stuff from the fabric I'm using for my project. Or completely replan what I wanted to do... Sigh)

OneTwo, Item)


Rachel said...

I live between NYC and Philly. You should look me up while you are here. I'm thinking of going to the Depeche Mode show on the 14th. Too bad you won't be here then.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Very tempting but at this stage I'm not sure where I'll be on the night of the 14th - if I'm very lucky, on a cruise ship sailing for Bermuda. If I'm just lucky, in Philadelphia....