Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday "Frugal and Free" File

1. Free chocolate from my lovely Cuzzie C in Christchurch. Just what I needed to feed The Snot Monster on Tuesday. Yay Cuzzie C! Boo nasty me for not replying to her last letter! 2. Free chocolate from the agency I temp through.

I'm thinking I need to have an Easter egg hunt this year, Which will be challenging as a) I'm not sure when exactly you're supposed to have them over the Easter period and b) I live alone. So the plan is to get heniously drunk and hide the eggs. Next morning when I wake up I should have no memory of what I did the night before so the hunt will be fair and square.
3. Frugal. I found new terry black and white kitchen hand towels at the supermarket. They work out to be $2.50 each.

(Soundtrack: Lasgo, Some Things)

1 comment :

Pink Rocket said...

towels are so cute!!!

drunk and could work! lol