Monday, April 17, 2006

UWYHM project #5 completed

I'm buzzing with ideas this weekend - here's this morning's creation (and with some last minute replanning I decided I could live without the bias binding after all. Whew!) It's a knitting needle case for those times when I want to take them with me somewhere (carrying a glass container just doesn't do it somehow). I used the same fabric that I used for the pincushion/ needlebook I made earlier in the month and reused the daisy idea in a smaller scale as a fastener on the front. (Which was my first ever covered button. How addictively easy to make....)
Inside it looks like your standard knitting needle case. I did have all sorts of plans for pockets and pouches and what have you but in the end decided simplicity was the way to go.

I'm still thinking of using some Shrinky Dinks to make little sew-on tags for the front of each section with the needle sizes on. (OK, I'm a Librarian) We'll see how it goes...

(Soundtrack: Ralph Myerz, A Special Album)

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