Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hoppy Easter (UWYHM project #4 completed)

Meet Trudy. Trudy is based on the Mr Bunny pattern from Craftster but somewhere along the line things went a little odd.

For instance I misread how many stitches to increase at the bottom of the bunny body (say that three times fast) so Trudy is a very rotund rabbit.

Then I got completely confused with the head instructions. It probably didn't help that I was knitting her on single pointed needles as that's all I had. But somewhere along the line in amongst the confusion a rabbit head popped out so I stopped knitting and thanked my lucky stars.

By this time Trudy had definitely taken on a personality of her own. She demanded biiiig rabbit feet instead of the stubbly little legs in the pattern. And white fluffy ear linings. And who was I to say anything?

Gourd, what on earth is that?

Don't worry - it's armless!

Have I got a tail to tell...

Does my bum look big in these?

An eggcelent discovery!

Tuckered out bunny...

(Soundtrack: Nordic Lounge Vol 1)

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Pink Rocket said...

oh Trudy is fabulous! i've gotta make one!!