Thursday, April 06, 2006

Corners of my Home: Week 9

The smallest room in my home. On the windowsill is a collection of rocks and shells picked up from various wanderings near and far. The vases at the end of the sill were both sale purchases - one from Bayswiss in Sydney and the other from Briscoes in Wellington.

On the wall are two cards I bought in New Zealand with tapa cloth backings framed in sale frames.

In other news we seem to have skipped straight from summer (see here) to winter in a matter of 7 days. There was snow on the Brindabellas this morning and the wind was biting at lunchtime. Temperatures have plummeted from 27 degrees a week ago to a low of 7 today. I wonder when autumn will finally show up or are we stuck in a Monty Python quote again?

(Soundtrack: Weekend Players, Pursuit of Happiness)

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