Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ingredients for a pretty perfect night

I finally finished the Frank Lloyd Wright biography I've had since July 2003 (cue jubilation and applause) so am onto a book of his buildings.

I've never really been "into" Frank Lloyd Wright but figured I never liked Gaudi til I read up on him and started to understand what he was trying to do, so the same approach might work in the lead up to my time in Chicago. If all else fails finding out more about Frank Lloyd Wright might give me more subtext to what I know about Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin.

I picked up the latest Franz Ferdinand that I've had on request at the library for ages (how frugal is that?!)

I bought a bottle of wine for $7 with $3.49 off it.

I've started work on my sophie bag which will be my first attempt at felting.

And I believe there are KitKats in the cupboard somewhere...

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my house is cuter than yours said...

i have heard a bit of that Franz Ferdinand album and it is very good!