Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Frugaller's Log (supplemental)

You know what I love about frugalling sometimes? It throws open the great mysteries of the Universe.Why (and how), for instance, was this mug (which is almost identical to one I bought at the Te Papa gift shop in Wellington New Zealand last Easter for $27) sitting in my local Vinnies? (for $1 - I just had to get it to put in the top cupboard as a spare)

In the same flying visit to Vinnies I stumbled across a cache of bamboo knitting needles, MIP for $1 a pair.Which I bought, of course! Not that it's cheating because they are a gift for my Mum who hasn't used bamboo needles before.

But while we're on the subject of cheating during
Use What You Have Month - I hereby declare my April will be finishing one day early as I'll be in Sydney and Princess B of Libraria is taking me to Reverse Garbage on Sunday for my first visit.

(Soundtrack: Zero 7, When it falls)


Mondo Viaggiatore said...

Hi TSS - you will love Reverse Garbage, I have scoured it many a time!!!! Sort of like Revolve only bigger.

mama_tulip said...

That's my kind of mug. It looks big, and big mugs are the best to drink coffee out of.

shellyC said...

Nothing like a good bargain.....Hope your mum likes the knitting needles.

Will be able to ask you where the best second hand places are in ACT.

Taphophile said...

OMG - brand new bamboo needles for $1 a pair - I so live on the wrong side of the Lake.

Reverse Garbage had reasonable quality paperbacks for 50c each at Easter. Good fabric samples, too - and the paper flowers were divine!