Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, blowing you up makes me quite dizzy...

Sew Thrifty asked for more information on my Christmas tree. And when a reader asks, I try to answer, even if a lot of the information seems to be lost in the haze of history.

What I can tell you is that the tree is from Room Interior Products, who seem to have mysteriously disappeared off the face of the web. They used to make all sorts of funky stuff which you never really needed but always brought a little extra something to your life.

I bought it maybe four (five?) years ago at David Jones. There were three sizes (Small (50 cm), Medium (110 cm - the one I got) and Large (180 cm) and two colours ways (bright green with very loudly coloured decorations or grey with decorations in grey and teal)). My tree cost $29.95 and it was a bit scary as it was the first Christmas decoration I'd bought for many many years. But I had to get it as just looking at it made me laugh hysterically.

The tree blows up in three sections and each of the decorations (a star for the top and round baubles for the sides) can be inflated before they are domed on. At the end of the season you just let the air out and pop it back in the bag. Which contains the extra set of decorations plus a puncture repair kit (a very thoughtful addition) and is about the size of a hot water bottle so easy peasy to store til next year.

About 18 months ago I spotted the small size in the sales for $9.95 and bought it for work as the teal baubles matched our corporate colours. Having it stopped all those "but aren't you going to decorate the office for Christmas?" comments I was getting as I was able to go "I have!" and point at the tree which usually shut people up.

Finally, here's a full-length shot of my "ghost tree" in situ:

(Listening to: Holiday remixed (cool electronic lounge versions of Christmas songs))


Sew-Thrifty! said...

Soooo cool! Thanks for the info!

Margie said...

Kewl! I remember room as well. I think they made other inflatabley type things like (possibly) a squishy alarm clock. And my brother had a silver beanbag from them too. A little nasty to sit on actually. :)