Saturday, November 25, 2006

Three in one blow!

No, I'm not talking about this lot (cute though they are) I mean I managed to combine history, architecture and shopping all at once today!

Princess B and Princess M are down for the weekend and we visited the Oxfam Fair at
Albert Hall (which is where I shot the mischievous trio above, felted in Nepal.)And since we were on somewhat of a historical roll we went to Cafe in the House at Old Parliament House for lunch (since the budget wouldn't stretch todinner at The Ginger Room this trip) and stopped off at the shop on the way out making it a two in a row.
And since we seemed to have struck a theme for the day we finished up in the Garden Bar at Olims Hotel (originally opened as the Hotel Ainslie in 1927, and designed by architect CFA Voysey) where you can see Princess B admiring the architecture over a glass of wine.Actually, I made that up as from where we were sitting the hotel had been seriously remuddled so there wasn't much to admire.

Balls to that!(And in case you're wondering: Yes, there was frugalling this week but reporting has been slightly delayed. Tomorrow hopefully, Royal Visits allowing)

(Listening to:
Hotel Costes Vol 1)

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