Thursday, November 02, 2006

Corners of my World - Braddon

Yesterday lunchtime I took Miss Daisy down to the cosmetic surgeon for an insurance quote on a bum lift.While I was waiting for them to do their thang I took a stroll round the neighbourhood with my camera. I really like Braddon as a suburb. Tucked right in next to Civic I used to find it quite removed until they built a one-block extension on the road from Civic and suddenly it all seemed connected.

It's an interesting mix of car yards and repairers, camping shops and other small businesses (plumbing supplies, Fed Ex, car hire, bike shop), restaurants and bars and, towards the top of Lonsdale Street, funky designer shops and art galleries (ie: three of the former and maybe one of the latter!)

One block behind the smash repairers is an op shop I don't go to very often. But I had time to waste, it was close and I've not taken any pictures of it yet.It's right next to that big tree. If you peer really hard you can see an "op shop" sign to the right of the tree trunk...They've rearranged things since I was in last, probably to fit the sofas in. The only thing I liked was the blue table next to the chrome stool but (of course) that had a large piece of masking tape on it with NOT FOR SALE written across it.There was some Maxwell Williams spotted - at a decent price, even, but I'm not collecting the coffee cans so I left them there, tempting as it was to buy the lot for the saucers and instantly redonate the cups (I've done that before!)Anyway, with a few minutes to kill before I was due to collect poor Miss Daisy, I walked back past the Smash Repairers and onto the block on the other side where I took a picture of my favourite flats in the whole city. I love that they've survived not more than one block from the city centre (you know it's the city centre as there's a big sign in the middle of the road telling you so!) and are so green (if you ignore the already brown grass)Look at this entranceway, isn't it just magical?

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Taphophile said...

Absolutely my favourite block of flats, too. I have often fantasised about owning one (or more) of them.