Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Without you my life's going to be forever Tuesday morning...*

I dropped Miss Daisy off at the car doctor this morning. My driveway looks so odd without her in it. Unfortunately the lack of car gives me a clearer view of the fact I really have to clean up the garden! In other news (because a post with a picture of an empty driveway would be just too boring) I've got a pile of knitting needles waiting to head off to Plastic Girl as soon as she gives me her address. If you've not seen her stuff yet head over to her shop for a gander. And in the background is a remnant of fabric JC gave to me last week. As you can see I've not quite got to ironing it yet and probably won't before next week as life is about to get majorly busy.

*with thanks to
The Mockers

(Listening to Ultrasound Vol 1)


Liana said...

I am so excited! - What a fabulous find. You are truly blessed with an excellent op-shop-eye.

Taphophile said...

Plastic Girl's stuff is so fantastic! Saw on of our SnBers wearing a bangle and freaked. Such a perfect way to use some orphaned needles.