Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A random late night post with far too much colour for my liking

If I say I got my mail before 9 am this morning and am only just getting to open it now would that explain the sort of day I've had? And I think it's only going to get worse between now and when I leave for New Zealand as (oddly enough) eBay sales are hotting up pre-Christmas, I have a ton of (self-inflicted) deadlines to get stuff in the post to distant friends for Christmas (and some pre-Christmas birthdays) over the next week or so plus have to arrange rather important stuff like a cat feeder.

Anyway, let's not talk about that. My head appears to remain above water for another day and I'm happy with that!

Here's what I've been up to craft-wise recently:

1. A mystery knitting project destined to become a Christmas present. Made out of some more of this stash, which I seem to have made rather a lot out of recently.
Multi-coloured garter stitch knitting, with a knitted flower made from the same wool with a button in the centre, pinned to it.2. Remember this IKEA fabric I bought? I got the urge to embellish it:
A piece of black and white IKEA fabric, with some parts coloured in, and fabric markers on top.and, in true TSS style, have decided the test run is probably good enough to be made into something (probably another Christmas present).Close up of a length of black and white IKEA fabric, with parts coloured in and beads added.Finally, I remembered why Christmas and chocolate don't mix too well in this country. I raided a box of Lindor balls I had set aside for gift giving and discovered this...very very runny balls.

I can't give them away like this can I? So both boxes are now in the fridge awaiting consumption and chocolates are now officially off the gift giving list for this year (like hello! what was I thinking? They would have been in a car for 3 days before they arrived at Christmas Day, let alone two plane trips prior)
(Listening to: Fabric 2)
Featured on IKEA Hackers in June 2007.

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Anonymous said...

hmm...runny balls are never a good thing! lol

i never would've thought to color the fabric! since the closet ikea is in another state (oregon doesn't do ikea at all) the hubby is supposed to be bringing me fabric from ikea as my christmas gift! whoo hoo!

AMCSviatko said...

Tell him to particularly look at the Belinda range ( - I think you'd definitely like that!

Anna Davern said...

I'm not sure what this is as the site's in Spanish but I thought it looked great and i thought you might too.

Anonymous said...

the blow up xmas tree is just hysterical

love what you did with that Ikea fabric, I've been toying with buying it but kept thinkig its & white...

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for posting this - I love this idea. We don't have an IKEA Expedit bookshelf, but we are looking at the equivalent version from a local dive.

This would be GREAT to apply on the backside. LOVE IT.


Karen said...

I hate it when my balls run!

Unknown said...

Do you have a pattern for the knit flower??



AMCSviatko said...

Angela: pattern is here: