Saturday, November 04, 2006

Second hand Saturday - budget, what budget?

SPOILER ALERT: If you happen to be my mother, read with eyes closed!

Well I seem to have blown the budget two weeks running. And I don't even have a good justification so I'll just shut up and tell you what I found, shall I?- Five old black and white Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers videos: $3.50 each. A little more than I really wanted to pay but they're classics and educational and compared to the cost of a cup of coffee and the entertainment value you get out of that they're bargains.
- A box of Lego Quatro (the next size up from Duplo) for E. $4.00.
- 3 balls of Sirdar Alpaca Classique (90% wool, 10% Alpaca) plus a random ball of white wool. (I'm planning to use the blue and the grey I got here to knit a stripy hoodie for E) $4.00 the lot.
- Another pair of knitting needles for my collection plus a crochet hook. $2.00 for both.
- And another white cotton cot sheet for crafting purposes. $1.00.
- A cool plastic chicken thing which originally had a bottom piece (I think it's for microwaving eggs?) I just like the top for my slowly growing bird collection: 50 cents.

Total cost picture one: $29.00

But wait, there's more!- Ronald Searle's Something in the cellar for my mother who collects Ronald Searle books: $3.00. She may already have this one but until she sends me a list of what she already has she'll have to cope with the occasional double up.
- Red lamp to replace the one I broke at Princess B's last time I was visiting: $4.00.
- Pink sparkly wool for a certain pink someone. 96% wool, 4% sparkle, $1.00.
- A labeling machine to tide me over until Office Works has the P-touch I want at a price I'm prepared to pay. $3.00.
- A book. $5.00

Total cost, picture two: $16.

And the excitement of the week is I was told about a frugalling haunt I wasn't aware of: Aussie Junk in Mitchell.Much cleaner and neater than Revolve but alas nothing wanted to come home with me. Although some of these Robin Day chairs tried very hard (especially the swivel one on wheels)...And the bad taste award this week goes to this unusual Pania of the Reef candle, left where I found it at Salvos Tuggeranong.

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Anonymous said...

did i blow my budget on Saturday - YES - 2 loaves of bread $9.50 - how could i resist brand new bakery Bourke Street Bakery! then off to Simon Johnson for my vegetables $9.70. Maybe I should visit Canberra to learn how to frugal! But how often in the last few years can you make soup in November to ward against the chill! Hence the bread! Spelt and Potato!