Friday, November 17, 2006

Lovely discoveries

The Gifting Gods have been smiling on me lately. I got to work yesterday and was rummaging in my bag for my hanky when I discovered a $25 Myer gift card in there. Had complete kittens as I remembered looking at Princess B's gift cards when I was at her place Wednesday night but had no recollection at all of putting one in my bag, and was rather shocked as that's not the sort of thing I'd do at all. So I sent her an extremely grovelly text explaining that I'd just found it sorry sorry sorry etc and it turned out she'd actually slipped it in there for me because she's such a lovely person.

Phew! I wasn't losing my mind after all. (Now I just have to hope I get an invite to their Christmas preview evening. But that's not loking too likely as my taxi driver last night said his Mum's one had just arrived and there's none for me in either on my mail boxes. Poo!)

Then I was presented with the following haul by a Sydney colleague who has recently returned from New Zealand:What's particulary amazing (apart from the sheer size of the booty) is that she managed to keep them out of the clutches of Duchess N of Mosmania (another rabid NZ lolly scoffing ex-Kiwi who sits not more than 4 desks away from her) for weeks.

Duchess N and I split the pile on a one for you, one for me, one to share basis and thus the whole office had a happy and chocolate filled morning.

And as I was wandering off with a full and happy puku for a spot of late night shopping before I headed for the airport I stumbled across a vision of wonderfulness:New Zealand Snack Food, who had a stall selling (almost) everything a little Kiwi heart could desire (I need to talk to them about White Toffee Pops, Harvest Cider and Feijoa Wine (no link, aparently). If you're Sydney based they have a pile of stockists listed on their website and inform me that their web shop should be up and running in a month or so.

But that's not all! In the mail this morning was a mysteriously large flat parcel from garagesailor which turned out to contain the following:Looks like the turntable will be coming out to play again next weekend!

So I end the week feeling all very spoilt. Thank you thank you thank you!

(Listening to: The Killers, Sam's Town)


pinar said...

lucky you.. enjoy ..all these..
and have the best weekend..
you know I am thinking often about you.. I am knitting a black bolero for my daughter.. using my mother's white and black knitting needles.. each time I take them in my hand.. I catch myself saying ''very shopping sherpa.. very shopping sherpa'' like a refrain.... =))
I will take a photo.. and a post.. about it.. =)) and let you know..

Liana said...

Pinky bars are my absolute favourite!!