Friday, November 03, 2006

In which Miss Daisy gets mail and the mystery of the missing parcel is solved...

I found this in my post box yesterday morning courtesy of Taph:Just what I need to finish the cardigan I started last week (and what I was heading to buy when we had our bingle.) Now if that isn't the nicest and sweetest thing to do for someone, I don't know what is.

Do you think she chose a Made in NZ one with black packaging on purpose?

Also in the mail this week from
another Librarian (the note attached was written on a catalogue card. Remember those?!) was this picture which she'd picked up on a frugalling jaunt in the Southern Highlands:
Rooruu had posted it over 2 weeks ago and we were trying to work out how come a parcel from almost just up the road could take 2 weeks to arrive and yet one from The States could arrive in less than a week.

The girls at the post office were getting very sick of me asking if there was anything else for me every time I went in. The mystery was finally solved as they realised another box number had been carded for my package and it had been sitting out the back all along...

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