Sunday, November 12, 2006

Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-a-Dee-Day. My oh my, I've had a crafty day!

While flicking through my $2 copy of Good Housekeeping's Complete Book of Needlecraft last night I spotted some rather yummy graphics. Which (of course) I scanned into my computer and turned into transfers quick smart as the ol' creative juices were flowing.

Above you can see plan number one, a knitting tool pouch which I'll sew using some more frugalled cot sheet, a frugalled 20 cent zip and some of a spotty bandana which has been kicking round in my stash since 1989 or thereabouts when I bought it to make this miniature bedding:I don't actually need a knitting tools pouch as I've discovered the black Tupperware sandwich keeper Princess B gave me does a brilliant job: So I guess the knitting tools pouch will end up a Christmas gifty for someone. Or maybe I could do a swap for it?
Speaking of gifts, I finished the bands and the sewing up on E's hoodie today and pressed it. Still no zip - I'm in a snit with both Lyncraft and Spotlight for not having the double fold bias binding I want OR the black fabric paint I'm after so thought I'd try a place I'd just heard of called Hobbysew. Which (of course) turned out to be closed on Sundays.

Anyone know of a decent craft shop in Sydney (either Chatswood/ Cremorne or Bondi-ish) I could try when I'm up there later this week? And, finally, here's another transfer I created which I have no idea what I'm going to do with.

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Rachel said...

Wow. You've been busy. I love the happy ball of yarn. I can't wait to see what he ends up attached to.