Monday, November 27, 2006

Weekend treats

1. A card I bought for $3 at Kingston Markets. There was a young chap manning the stall and it turns out he actually designed the cards he was selling. So I declared that art wasn't art unless it was signed, pulled the card out of the bag it came in and got him to sign it for me. The frame came from the stash of cheap black frames I have tucked away for just such occasions.

3. A monochromatic Dr Seuss style felted Christmas tree which was $8 at the Oxfam Fair on Saturday (same stall as the cats and the balls from that day's post). They tried to tell me it was really an egg cosy but I don't believe them one little bit. Egg cosy indeed - what a silly idea!

4. My first cherries of the season, $5 for a half kilo bag at the Kingston Markets. This is not a half kilo in the photo - it's what's left of the half kilo after almost 24 hours of (restrained) cherry eating. I particularly loved that they came in a brown paper bag. I felt terribly rustic dropping them into my shopping bag.

(Listening to: Depeche Mode: Ultra)


Denise said...

I didn't understand the "first cherries of the season" part until I went to your blog...ah...Oz!

I just turned 40 this year too. Eeerrrgh.

Enjoy those cherries (yum)!

Carson said...

great photo
the felted tree is inspired..really fabulous and now I want to make one. (and i don't even do xmas!)
and the cherries! looks like they're gunna be cheap cheap cheap this year.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Denise: To me Christmas means cherries and chocolate. Oh - and peach champagne and really badly silly Christmas movies.

Carson: I don't really "do" Christmas either but each year recently a little bit has crept in. First I got the blow up Chritmas tree. Then the Christmas Cocktails cheesy music CDs. This year I knitting a black and white stocking (in January - my first knitting project in over 10 years). And now I have the felted tree.

To paraphrase Sportsgirl I made my own way to a whacky Christmas which I could cope with much better than the commercial glittery version.