Thursday, February 01, 2007

What I got at Woy Woy

I figured it was about time for a return visit to the Op Shops of Woy Woy, especially as I had a partner in crime (cheers Di, can't wait to introduce you to the Op Shops of Canberra!)

And I did very well last Saturday. Masses of old buttons, lovely vintage mint on card domes, some black cord fabric (for a whopping $1), two red cord curtains ($10 the pair - Princess B has already earmarked one for a bolster). Oh, and the chair fabric was an eBay purchase so doesn't really count...

We also popped into the local car boot sale on Sunday where I picked up these two books for $1 each:Loving the Rainy Day Fun activities:

There was more, but it's already found a new home with Pip, Di and Princess B so I wasn't able to photograph it. Drats!

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