Monday, August 20, 2007

Modern miniatures on Monday

Modern dolls' house miniature coffee table, displaying two bowls and a green vase. On the floor next to it is a full-sized bottle of nail varnish. Here's my modern mini tip for the week:

Cheap garish coloured nail varnish from a discount shop is just perfect for painting plain white china to give your mod mini scene that extra pop.

I painted a cheap basic vase bright lime green by upturning it onto a wooden skewer which I then held onto while I painted the vase (and placed in an empty bottle to hold it steady while it dried.)

After a couple of coats I had a one-of-a-kind decorative accent with a wonderful deep glaze effect.

(Cork flooring: $2 for two A4 sheets from the craft aisle of a discount store.
White coffee table: $48.95 (part of Lundby's Stockholm Living Room Set which includes sofa bed with complementing cushions, a throw rug, matching ottoman plus a credenza full of books - all 1/18 scale but some pieces work well in 1/12.)
Turned wooden bowl from a miniature show long long ago: price and maker unfortunately forgotten.
White plastic footed fruit bowl: $2 from a pack of plastic dolls house bits found in a discount store)
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Anonymous said...

Of course! So obvious when someone else thinks of it. Love your modern touch.

AMCSviatko said...

Thanks Jay! I'm thinking of setting up a Modern Miniatures group on Flickr if there's enough interest...