Sunday, August 12, 2007

A random Sunday afternoon post

It was a late night last night as it was J's 40th birthday party. So I had a slow start this morning.

I tried to do some sewing but the sewing mojo seems to have gone elsewhere for the day. After the second stuff-up I decided to give it a rest.But not before cleaning out my sewing machine tool box. I've had my sewing machine since 1983. So why is it I've still not worked out exactly what all these bits that came with it are for and how to use them? Maybe I should add that to the list of things I want to learn this year (Is there a sewing machine feet course available, do you think?)Since actually sewing wasn't going to be a happening thing today I thought I'd have a play with the idea of selling some of the vintage fabric I've collected. This is one set of fat quarters I put together which I plan to list on Made it.A post-lunch supermarket chocolate run was in order and I discovered stealth Kiwi food supplies!

I've not been focusing on the Woolies Select chocolate biscuit line but today realised it seems to be pretty much the entire NZ Griffins choccie bikkie line, repackaged!

Also discovered were "Pineapple Blocks" which I found in the lolly aisle skulking on the bottom shelf half hidden behind a pole. I can attest that they don't taste too different to the real thing (not that I've had the real thing for months)And I found a new time-waster: virtual Message in a bottle, and a rediscovered old favorite: Rockstarter - Make your own damn band!

And now I think it's about time for an afternoon nap...

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justinamaria said...

Yum, I love pineapple lumps or "chunks"!
I have the same problem with my sewing machine. Mine is an old Elna and the fittings on your presser feet look similar. Mysterious feet :-) I can tell you that the middle bottom one is a zipper foot and the top right hand foot with the rolly thing is apparently good for sewing things like vinyl. That's what I've heard!