Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"What I've got for free" Wednesday

I had other plans for today's post but since I've not been able to deliver my first Pay it Forward gift as planned that will have to wait... (which reminds me - I still have one spot free if you'd like to join in!)

Instead here's a twist on my old Friday Frugal and Free posts. I've been pretty lucky this past week with free stuff:

* On Wednesday last week I got free tickets to see Boynton Beach Club coutesy of Canberra Theatre. I wonder how Hopscotch Films manage to stay in business when there are free tickets available to pretty much everything they release? I shouldn't complain as it makes me a happy girl indeed!* Also on Wednesday, the latest issue of Inside Out mag dropped into my post box with a set of free postcards attached. Pity I'm in no mood to update my notice board at the moment...

* Then Made it offered me free credit to list stuff this week. Unfortunately I'm running way WAY behind with this plan (blame the order fairy. Not a bad thing!)

* On Thursday Princess B and I noticed this sign in the window of Rowie's:and now Princess B's fridge is decorated thus:
(my cake was free anyway since Princess B paid for it. Just as well as I made a sticky mess all over her car...)

* On Friday I got a very nice bottle of wine from work (plus a slap up lunch) Both were consumed before pictures could be taken.

* Saturday saw Princess B and I get free entry to The Powerhouse Museum since I've got membership for the next 3 years...

* ... and we both got a free Home Beautiful magazine. Princess B also got a free newspaper but I wasn't interested.

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