Monday, August 27, 2007

Place mat = Mini mat

Dinner plate and a fork on a pink woven place mat.Supplies for miniature making are right in front of you if you just think different (to steal a favorite quote).

Need a new rug for your dolls house or room box? The answer is probably staring you in the face three times a day!

Take one woven placemat (either bought especially (new around $5, op shopped around 50 cents or just steal one from your placemat stash...)Sewing machine sewing a line of zigzag stitch on a pink woven place mat.
Using a contrasting pen and ruler to mark out the sized mat you want, then using your sewing machine on a wide zigzag and toning thread, sew around all four sides of the piece you have marked out. (making sure you leave three rows of the mat clear at each end for the fringe).Scissors cutting along a line of zig zag stitch on a pink woven place mat.
Cut close to the zigzag stitching down both sides of your mat, and across the ends, three rows out from the stitching:Piece of pink woven placement, cut along a line of zig zag stitching, and three rows up at the top.Carefully pull the fringing free at each end and neaten if necessary:Modern dolls' house miniature floor rug made out of a pink woven place mat.And it's as easy as that!Modern dolls' house miniature scene with green and cream patterned walls, a pink and white armchair and white side table on a pink woven floor rug.(Wallpaper: Cristina Re DIY stationery $2 per sheet from most newsagents or stationers. Cork flooring: $2 for 2 A4 sheets from a discount store. Pink armchair: Purchased at a New Zealand miniature show in the 1980s. Price and maker long forgotten. Vintage octagonal table: eBay. Price forgotten. Babushka dolls: Approx $20 for the set from Red October gift shop, St Petersburg. Covered books: Made from commercial miniature books, covered with suitable paper cut from magazines (tutorial to follow). Green shot silk cushion: Made by me. Cream candlewick cushion: Mini swap gift. Woven bag with leather handles and flower embroidery: Made by Billie from ACTME club.)
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