Monday, August 20, 2007


After a very quiet weekend (just what my grumpy self needed) Sunday was a tizzy of activity with a visit to the National Museum of Australia and The colours of Jenny Kee talk (which I think bookends nicely with my visit to Max Dupain - Modernist when I was in Sydney earlier this month.)

From there I raced into town to meet Aunty A as we planned to go see Boynton Beach Club with my freebie pass. Except it wasn't on when I thought it was so I took the opportunity to go see This is England instead. Good thing our next planned movie is Ratatouille as I think Aunty A needs time to recover after some of the scenes in This is England!

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Michelle said...

Ooh - you'll have to let me know how the Jenny Kee talk was. I had planned to go but had a visitor for the weekend.