Saturday, August 04, 2007

My day in pictures (because I'm too stuffed to write screeds)

Today was:

1. An early start down at Pyrmont for the Good Living Growers' Market2. Followed by a wander around Darling Harbour while waiting for The Powerhouse Museum to open3. And the first Krispin K tour of the season (cue applause and cheering)Which, as self designated Head Nigel Sutton Groupie, I have to say was fabulous. (Luckily it's the truth!)4. This year we were extremely lucky to have not just the Krispin K tour, but also a Krispin K show in the afternoon
Which was just brilliant. He's promised it'll be up on the Powerhouse site sometime soon so I'll keep an eye out for it and add a link.

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