Thursday, February 28, 2008

If only I could be in two places at one time

The universe is taunting me.

It was bad enough that I discovered, after booking my tickets to New Zealand, that the
Lifeline Bookfair is next weekend (I think I should copy the dates through to 2011 into my diary very soon so this won't happen again)

Today I spotted a flyer advertising the Vinnies Belconnen craft sale and got all excited until I saw the dates: Thursday 13th - Sunday 15th March from 9am. Rats!

Then, just to rub salt into the wound, there was a sign on the counter at Y's Buys advertising the next garage sale: Sunday March 15th. (Since when have the
YMCA Garage Sales been bi-monthly?!)

And just because a frugalling post looks kinda naked without a picture here's the placemat I picked up for a whopping 30 cents from Y's Buys:
I also got a Whitlams CD for $4 and pair of cream knitting needles for $1.50. Plus something for my Dad for Christmas (she says sounding all mysterious)

Actually - that reminds me. I have photos of what's new in the land of op shopping in Canberra that I haven't shared yet. I might get time to post them later this evening but first I have to attend to the little matter of a gluten free cake (or two) I promised to bake for morning tea tomorrow at my new job. New girl-itis? You betya!


m1k1 said...

It's not the same as being there, but I'm sure you know a couple of people who could act as stand-ins. If they didn't already know Exactly what you would buy, you could give them a list of guidelines. And then, when you get back, they could put the stuff on a table, and you could walk around and buy it all from them. Doesn't that sound like almost as much good fun?

Anonymous said...

Ha!! That'll teach you to pop back home! I'm sure Taph or someone would do an admirable job standing in for you.

Janet McKinney said...

Stand in.... Stand in... Stand in...

Also - you leave MY Vinnies off your publicity list. I want to keep it to myself!!!

Actually I will take ethat back - you can tell others.

Thanks for the dates - they are written down at my place now, I will be around... ;)

honeyvenom said...

The 15th is a Saturday - the YMCA thing is on this Saturday... has anyone been before?