Friday, February 01, 2008

In which I hopalong to Cassidys*

So, finally, I made it to the Cassidys wool sale this afternoon after Janet called me with some cock and bull story about how she didn't know where the Kingston store was...And there it was, the mythical $2 a ball wool!I could hardly contain myself... In heaven was IBut all too soon I felt overwhelmedand bummed out that many had obviously come before meand (more importantly) that my fiscal reach was very very shortAnd so I (and Janet) left empty handed. After making lots of appreciative noises.

Of course, op-shop wool has now lost it's allure when priced at a "low" $2 a ball. We know better. Dammit!

(yes I know there's a missing apostrophe but I'm being very very sic)


Michelle said...

A ha! I knew the allure of the Cassidys* sale would suck you in eventually! Shame you came away with nothing except memories of empty columns :-(

*I too can be sic, but it sure is hard to avoid using the apostrophe!

Janet McKinney said...

She called it appreciative noises - In the shop it was called orgasmic noises - and fairly accurate too...

I said I was making no more such noises - until I saw a book with crochet (there I said the word on TSS blog) tartan blankets - that just were so tempting.