Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday twelve

Twelve o'clock lunch.

Twelve dollars.

Twelve items from the op shop(s):* 1 double wooden filing tray: $2.

* 5 balls Sean Sheep Hokitika: $1 (well they had to sell it to me for that as it was clearly marked with Big W stickers at 20 cents a ball. I know I'm suposedly anti Muppet-spew yarn but the green and blue combination of this reminded me of paua shells so I couldn't leave it there...)
* 4 balls Patons Totem 8 ply: $3 (Hurrah - there's at least one op shop in town with sensible wool prices!)
* Crappy lightweight candyfloss-for-the-brain plane read and toss book: $2.
* Regina Spektor double CD: $4. (I was particularly happy to snaffle this.)


Taphophile said...

Twelve gold stars for you! :)

Janet McKinney said...

Easy reading plane book - now that is what I need tomorrow. I supposed they are not going to let me take knitting to while away the 2 hours wait in Sydney are they!

I am not telling you about the good price on the wool at the Gungahlin Vinnies - because if you visit there and not ring my door bell, you will definitely be in my bad books... unless it is before next Sunday, when I can't complain because I will be on the Gold Coast - in the rain.

Michelle said...

The Regina Spektor album is really, really good. Singalong good!