Sunday, February 10, 2008

Seven Things Spring/ Summer Week 23: In which a miracle happens and the deluge of stuff In is somehow matched by a slightly larger stream Out...

It was a bad bad week 7 Things wise. I realised it was going to be challenging as early as last Sunday and until this morning really didn't believe I was going to be able to meet my target of Outs to make up for the deluge of incoming goodies.

Here's a week of excess in day-by-day glory (or is that gory?!)


* 1 almost-set of towels to match the Laura Ashley handtowel I got for Christmas (I'm actually quite proud as it took me a whole 6 weeks to make it into Laura Ashley to check out the rest of the set. Usually I'd have been in there Boxing Day)
* 1 ball worsted weight wool and 1 Shaun the Sheep & friends mobile pattern from
* 1 wooden letter A, 1 ball of cotton yarn, 1 half-made child's dress: gifts from
Happy Spider (Odd - it was her birthday but I got presents...)

* 1
Ben Watt In the mix CD (from eBay. It's Ben Watt. Errr... Watt more can I say?!)
Parcel from Sew Thrifty containing: Polka dot ironing board cover and fabric, apron, bag, stripy hat, 2 mugs, 2 plastic jelly beans, 10 black and white cat cards, 2 pads of post it notes

* 1
video and 1 pair pantihose from Vinnies ($3.50 total)

1 Canon Ixus 300 and case (weehee!)

* 1
Energizer rechargeable compact charger (courtesy of Taph). I'm one step closer to being a (recycled) card carrying Greenie...
Black and white glass daisy plate
* 1 freebie DVD of
Lagerfeld Confidential (which was the only reason I bought this month's AU Vogue)
* 8 videos + 1 DVD from colleague in Sydney (the box contained a heap more but
I gave some to Taph and threw out the mouldy ones and the ones recorded on long play which my machine won't play)

* 13 things from The Frugalling Fiesta (TM)

All week:
* 6 magazines

Total In this week: 63 (erk!)


* 1
old ratty bike basket which was replaced on my newly returned serviced bike by a lovely shiny new bike basket.
* 11 misc items packed up and posted as part of a parcel in return for
this loveliness...
* 30 fabric bits, 1 book, 4 broken miniatures: Friday gift to Janet

* And off to the op shop this morning: 3 videos (watched and not needing to be kept), 2 old Nokia 3310 phone covers (really, I'm never going to use a navy or an orange cover. Ever), 1 hat (very cute but alas too small), 1 glass bottlely vasey thing, 1 suitcase, 1 messanger bag (never used either of them. Doubt I ever will), set of 8 retro melamine plates which I bought at an op shop for a swap and never sent (and I'll also never get around to listing on eBay), 1 cup and saucer, 2 cups, 1 candle holder, 1 almost full packet of white plastic cups, 1 white plastic fan (which works but is butt-ugly and thus I can't bring myself to use. By getting rid of it maybe I'll finally get my beautiful retro-looking black and silver one fixed...)

Total Out this week: 70 (phew!)


* Koolhaas hat mk II begun.
* 1 dozen cotton cupcakes finished.
* 7 more washcloths knitted while watching videos, reading blogs and magazines and waiting for my very slow laptop to do things (thus proving once and for all I'm a process knitter not a project knitter)

Net items out so far during Seven Things Spring: 354.5

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Janet McKinney said...

Your laugh is just evil - matches you on a Friday though...

I have plans for that lovely fine printed material - plans....