Saturday, February 02, 2008

Whose bed is it anyway?

Here's a photo of my bed taken approximately 30 seconds after I woke up this morning. It's a fairly normal morning view on the nights his Lordship decides he wants to sleep inside.

I have a queen sized bed. Lots of room to spread out. Why then do we both fight over sleeping in the middle (and, more importantly why is it I usually lose the argument?)


Anonymous said...

Why? Because you are NOT a cat, and therefore lose.

Michelle said...

Cats can teach us much about persistence and the art of gettings one's own way.

alison said...

At least he matches your sheets!

Janet McKinney said...

Besides - it was Friday Night, and that means clean sheets in this household.

You COULD win you know - you just have to be strong, and more persistent than the cat.

And how many postings are we going to get today?


Anonymous said...

Funny how all cats know the best spot is in the middle and it's theirs!! Sometimes I think the only reason I don't roll out of bed due to cats some nights is cos the wall holds me in.