Sunday, February 17, 2008

Three do a Thousand Part Two: Turning Japanese

I was pretty excited to finally make it to Cowra as it's been on my list of interesting sounding places to visit for ages. We visited the beautiful Japanese Garden: then headed further up the hill to the site of the Cowra P.O.W. Camp for a quick visit.Unfortunately time constraints meant we didn't have time to walk around the camp area visit many other sites in town where we could have learnt more about the August 1944 Cowra Breakout. I definitelty need to return to Cowra for a longer visit soon. I'm also thinking I should try and make it over the hill to Featherston while I'm in New Zealand next month and learn more about a similar event which happened there in 1943.

After a quick call to the Knitting Emergency Helpline to find out what an Ssk was, we were on the road again.

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