Sunday, February 17, 2008

Seven Things Spring/ Summer Week 24

A week where I'm so busy having people over to dinner, going to S'n'B, going out to dinner (and a job interview!), seeing a movie and driving round the countryside that I don't deal with what came in (sadly something given to me Monday night is sitting on the dining table just where I put it that night), let alone find some stuff to get rid of. Actually, that's not quite right. I found a couple of things to get rid of but they never made it across to the bin.

Oh well, I console myself with the thought that I've managed to get rid of over 1,000 things this challenge and that tomorrow is another week...


* 2 magazines
* 6 sets of bamboo double point needles and 11 sets of bamboo circulars
* 1 sheet set, 1 Footrot Flats the Musical programme (courtesy of Taph who thought it might go with the Dog's Tale video I was gifted last week), 1 cable needle.
* 1 black and white stripy T shirt ($5, Salvos) and 3 CDs ($3 each, also Salvos)
* 1 skein Humbug yarn from Happy Spider, 2 dolls house dolls, 1 clear plastic chocolate box from Taph.
* 1 small black teapot ($1.50 from Salvos) and 1 pair cream and black knitting needles (which I don't need) $1 from Vinnies.
* Parkes Dish stitch marker

Total In this week: 33


* My old white 2 person teapot and last month's AU marie claire: donated to Happy Spider via Taph.
* My old copy of Alison Holst's Meals without Meat: given to Taph who mentioned she'd like a copy so she can cook for all the vegetarians she seems to now know.
* 1 book: donated to friend K.
* 1 books, 1 map: donated to J & M.
* 4 washcloths: gift.

Total Out this week: Not enough. Oh sorry, I mean 10.


* Koolhaas Hat(s)
* 5 washcloths

Net items out so far during Seven Things Spring/ Summer: 331.5

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Janet McKinney said...

He he he see what happens when I don't call in on Friday!! I went home at 10.00 with a headache on Friday.

Just as you are kind to the rest of us and tell us we can have an "off" week - so I will return it to you. Yes you have done well overall.

Janet McK