Friday, February 22, 2008

Belated pictures from November

I'm not sure if I mentioned last year that some of my cupcake knitting was going to be exhibited in Sydney while I was overseas in November?

Marrickville Council’s bi-annual Arts Night was held at Petersham Town Hall on Thursday 29 November 2007. The event was named Map 255: Marrickville (directions in arts and culture) in reference to the cultural mapping that was carried out during the year as part of the Cultural Planning Research Project.

The Project plotted local artists, events, resources, creative industries, and cultural activists on the Marrickville map.

I received photos of the event this week, including this shrine to The Shopping Sherpa:(Tea cosy, cupcakes, vintage bed tray and magnolia teaset all provided by moi via Princess B)(Photographs courtesy of Simon Rowell, Marrickville Council)


Taphophile said...

A shrine! How appropriate for a goddess such as yourself. Petersham Town Hall is an architectural delight, you should be proud. :)

Janet McKinney said...

Morning tea anyone?
Janet McK

Anonymous said...

Didn't think you would use the photo of me! The cup cakes as always were a big hit, felt very embarrassed that people went past other "proper Marrickville art" to look at my display.
Princess B