Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tired and emotional

Gawd, what a week it's been so far!

I'm tired because I've been a social butterfly and have been out every night. And when I've finally made it to bed I've not slept well because it's been too cold/ too hot/ the cat's hogging the bed/ the possums are playing chasey in the roof above the bed/ someone's having an arguement in the alley next door/ I'm having crazy dreams or (last night) I had to be up early for a breakfast function to mark Library Lovers' Day this morning and was scared I'd miss the alarm so kept waking up to make sure I hadn't overslept. Urgh...

On top of all that, in the last 48 hours I've:

* Seen photos from a friend's relatives of the Darling River filling up after the Christmas floods upstream. A pretty amazing sight (I'll see if I'm able to get permission to post them here)

* Been moved to tears while watching the Australian Government's formal apology to The Stolen Generation. Canberra was a grand place to be yesterday.

* Accepted a new part time job starting next week. (Yep - in an office. With airconditioning. And other people. Across town. So I'll have to commute. And think about what I'm going to have for lunch before I've eaten breakfast. All quite scary. Luckily the people are lovely so I'm sure there'll be someone around to hold my hand when it all gets too much. And if all else fails I'll just think of the money!)

It's all been quite overwhelming but also very positive.

I'm out again tonight - off to The National Library's screening of Landmines: a love story. Hopefully I won't fall asleep halfway through...

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Janet McKinney said...

what a week you have had. Congrats on the new job. Life will be different again for you.
The apology was profound, and very moving - I agree.
Have a good day at home - maybe a little sleep in and all.

janet McK