Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm rich I tell you. RICH!!!

I got paid today. For my (new) second job. And I'm feeling a bit like this:Although I might complain (jokingly) about having to drive across town twice a week, sit in an airconditioned office with other (very nice I might add) people and (this is the hardest) think about what I'm having for lunch before I eat breakfast, all that kind of disappeared as I gazed into my bank account this afternoon and saw a chunk of money there. Which will be there again in 2 weeks' time.

I think I'll celebrate by buying all those groceries that have mysteriously turned into weekends away, knitting needles, frugalling trips and other things not in my budget over the past 9 months. Put $60 aside for a year's membership to The ANU Film Group (200 films for $60 - that's 30 cents per film. Not that I'll be seeing them all but it's still damned cheap entertainment). And I'll throw the rest onto my Visa card (which is my debt with the highest interest rate).

It's a bummer being all grown up and sensible...

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh payday, how I miss those.