Monday, February 04, 2008

One Word Week: Monday (part 2)

Mail :-)


m1k1 said...

Lucky you.
Did you ever collect "jellyfish" on the beach that were the shape and size of those? Note: this only requires a 1 word answer.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Ewww no! Maybe because I didn't go to the beach very often or maye NZ doesn't have so many slimy things to "collect".

So what does one do with said "jellyfish" after they are collected?

Janet McKinney said...

Hate to tell you this - they look more like giant jelly beans than jelly fish. Besides there are no scales, or fins on them. Another for your collection of things out of scale.

m1k1 said...

One decorates one's sandcastle, of course. Then they probably got swept back out to sea at the next tide, dead or alive, who knows?
They were completely smooth, nothing scaly or finny, just slightly sticky.
What do you mean ewww?

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Ahhh... I was picturing taking them home to keep, rotting slowly in an icecream container (next to the container of stones and rocks and the other one which held your sisters rubber collection) but you meant "collecting" in the other sense of the word.

I don't think I ever would have considered using something live to drape over the (few) sandcastles I built.

So very happy that they're just large jelly beans - and Janet, yes they have pride of place next to my oversized paperclip, safety pin and bulldog clip...