Friday, September 28, 2007

Day One of a 4 day weekend...

And here's what I've done so far:

* My weekly accounts
* Changed my bathroom & kitchen towels and my bed
* Staggered across to the Post Office to post a couple of eBay parcels.
* Cleaned up the mess of stuff on the office floor (and cursed the late arrival of stock from Sydney which means there is still stuff on the floor instead of having been packaged up, had invoices sent, payments made and also put in the post.)
* Worked on my blog Blurb book (at the rate I'm going I should have the first year of my blog Blurbed by, oh, 2017...)
* Was interviewed by The Sydney Morning Herald about IKEA Hacking (!)
* Added myself to the mailing list for the 2008 Jasmax Film Festival ("celebrating architecture") in New Zealand so I find out what's happening in time to arrange to get over there next year, rather than reading all about the goodies on offer in NZ Home and Entertaining a month after it's all finished.
* Sorted out the bag-sewing situation for the countdown to a shop update on Monday: cut out some missing bits, ironed a lot of bits, sewed a lot of bits together and made some more printer fabric sheets for pockets for the new knitting bags I'm working on.
* Did some work-work even though it's a non-work day. (This is getting to be a habit - I've racked up about 12 hours work-work on non-work days in the past 3 weeks...)
* Dropped off some free Powerhouse Museum passes to someone who's heading to Sydney for the weekend and staying just round the corner in Pyrmont.
* Delivered 5 bags of clothing from Taph to The Women's Refuge.
* Picked up my credit card which I'd left behind at Das Kapital last night (whoops!)
* Mowed the front lawn (it's only been on my To Do list since last Saturday...)

And now I'm supposed to go to a 5:45 Pump class at the gym.

Like that's going to happen after today...

I think the lawn mowing can count as aerobic exercise and I'll drift towards my lovely fresh clean bed with a glass of Banrock Station's finest, a pile of magazines and CDs. And spend an evening at home for a change this week. (I'd buy a Turkish pide for dinner but I don't think I have the energy to make it to the front gate, let alone over to Turk 'Oz...)


Anonymous said...

Ohhh TSS is coming over the ditch next year.

You make me feel SO lazy lol (cos I am) just going to the post office. Those days when you do everything are so great though, it just feels so good.


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I so agree with the above. You make me feel lazy. You people with engery...why don't you ever come to my house to clean??? why?why?why?

The Shopping Sherpa said...

FFF: Cleaning? Did I mention cleaning?! That's why I got so much done - there was no cleaning... *runs off to find today's list*

BB: I come over the ditch most years - my dentist is in Lower Hutt and I buy my deoderant supplies on Lambton Quay. Plus I need my yearly fix of Chow blue cheese wontons and Shish Mahal Maliakofta (not together, obviously!)