Monday, September 03, 2007

Making Modern Miniatures

Aerial view of a modern doll's house miniature Sarinnen table, orange Panton chairs, glass vases and flower-shaped place mats.Here's a recycled idea, first posted back in April last year. But I think it's worth repeating as it's a super-easy way to add a stylish touch to your miniature table!

Modern plastic place mats

What you'll need:

* a sheet of overhead projector transparency (try your local newsagent or office supply store - my newsagent sells this by the A4 sheet, which lasts an awfully long time)

* a sheet of place-matty-looking stickers on a clear background (mine were $2 from the post office but I've also seen them in bargain discount stores)

* a pair of small sharp scissors.

1. Stick the stickers onto the overhead projector transparency sheet, smoothing out any air bubbles.

2. Cut carefully around the edges of the stickers.

3. That's it, you're done!

Other uses for your overhead transparency sheet:

* Colour photocopy or print small pictures onto it, cut out, and use as sun catchers in your dolls house windows (I used a page from a craft catalogue advertising sun catcher kits)

* Use as glass when framing miniature pictures.

* Create stained glass or frosted window designs, either by printing a black and white outline then colouring in using overhead projector pens (or just print the whole thing).

Table: Kim Selwood, $49 from The London Dolls House Festival. Chairs: Vintage German Panton chairs, $10 each from eBay. Orange glass bottles: Murano glass bought from a little shop tucked away in a square in Venice. About $3 each, Cutlery: From a set of handmade silver pieces from PienenPieni in Helsinki, approx $58 the set.)
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Anonymous said...

Brilliant! If I can find a couple of hundred appropriate stickers, I can make a pair of placemats for each delegate to Convention. Thanks.